Feb. 3rd, 2012 10:49 am
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I'm going to start trying to remember to post on here regularly. It's my back up for live journal but as I don't really know what's coming up over there (and odds on its not good) I may end up on Dreamwidth quite a bit more.

So thanks to everyone who has friended me over here, it's nice to meet you.
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I don’t normally post, I tend to be a one post a year girl, I support fandom in the background by commenting, helping out occasionally as a beta, and generally just being a reader, but as a follower of Buckeye5’s Making a Scene, which is another story that may have been lost to livejournal recently I just wanted to say what I believe about fan fiction in general.

Each fan fiction story written, and posted online, is a gift, it has been written for pleasure by the writer, and posted freely so that others can enjoy it if they want, all the writer wants back is a few comments, nothing more, nothing less.

If a person doesn’t like a story, then just walk away and read something else

If everyone looked at fan fiction the same way then maybe we wouldn’t get so many abandoned stories and people leaving livejournal because they have had enough of the nasty comments and backstabbing.

There is enough bad things in the world right now as least let’s enjoy a few stories.

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For any UK Supernaural fans who are still waiting for the UK to show Season 6, Living TV have just changed their coming soon page to show a TBC date of

drum roll required here


I can only say WTF


I have emailed SKY (who now own Living) to complain, not that I even expect a reply.

I do get my episodes via 'an alternative source' but I was still looking forward to it starting on Sky as I have two work collegues who also watch it but they are waiting for it to start so I can't discuss anything with them..............................I also have a very nice 42inch TV with SKY HD..................
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Merry Christmas everyone, wherever you are, and whoever you are with, I hope everyone has a lovely day, and Santa brings you loads of goodies.

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Sometimes life doesn't turn out how you plan it, your life takes a really unexpected turn. That's happened to me and it's hard, really hard. I have no idea what the future holds.

I have a two friends who know what's going on and at first they supported me, now they seem to be pulling away, don't reply to my texts or emails, and I don't know how to deal with it. They reply to some, but not others.

Should I say something, or just ignore it? I have no idea, I am probably being too sensitive, but it hurts to think they may be pulling away.

At least I can bury myself in my books and all the wonderful fan fiction you all write. I have no idea how I would cope without livejournal

Kindle Joy

Sep. 4th, 2010 08:17 pm
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Well its been an interesting week. It started well with the belated shipping of my new Kindle 3 ereader.

It shipped on Sunday, not Friday. I know it was only two days late, but those were a tense two days! Especially as the case arrived on Thursday, before the Kindle shipped. I am sure it kept winking at me.............

For some reason the UK got really behind with shipping, and couldn't meet the release date.

Anyway, by the time I got home on Tuesday hubby has upacked it and fully charged it for me (bless him), and within 10 minutes I had set it up with my wifi and downloaded the 14 books I had already bought from Amazon!

That's not the reason I bought it though, oh no, it was to read fanfiction on, I was trading up from my Sony Touch 600.

I use Calibre and converted all my PDF's, RTF docs, epubs, the lot, into MOBI format, and by the time I went to bed I had over 500 stories loaded, all set up in nice little collections. Everything reads a dream, even the PDF's flow correctly,

Its a joy to use, and for only £109 its an absolute bargain.............

Off to have a read now..........

Kindle 3

Jul. 30th, 2010 09:04 pm
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Okay.................I have two ebook readers already, both Sony (its a long story), plus I also read on my iphone, so why am I all excited that I have today pre ordered the new Kindle 3 (wifi only), especially as I now have nearly 1000 stories to convert to mobi..........

Any kindle fans out there?

Please tell me I am right to be excited.............
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Years ago, while still an LJ newbie I came across this story. I fell totally in love with it.

It has a gorgeous theme running through it about a wave and a rock. The rock is tall and strong, the wave beautiful and elegant. The wave is totally in love with the rock, but the rock resists. The whole idea idea captivated me, drew me in.

It takes a while to figure out whats going on, but that is also why I love it, you have to work at pulling out all the little tit bits of information as you read. It has its funny bits, as well as dealing with hard things, religious things, I won't give away the ending, but the whole story is beautiful.

I won a recording by Riverbella in the last Sweet Charity Auction, and this is the story she very kindly recorded for me as an Audiobook. Her recording is wonderful, just perfect, and for that I want to thank her.

You can get Riverbella's recording here

And this is the story.

Title: The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word count:: ~33,000
Summary: It’s the end of Supernatural. And after years of being together, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki prepare to part ways with one final getaway. But when Jared meets with a 'freak accident', saying goodbye becomes harder than it already is. Jared needs help healing, lots of it. And Jensen may have the best intentions at heart but he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Like, not at all.
Warnings/Spoilers: AU. Sex, language, violence, exaggerated fangirl behavior, religion-bashing. Other pairings briefly implied: Jared/OMC, Jensen/Danneel, Tom/Jamie, Michael/OFC, Christian/OFC. A non-CW real person-based character included.

Please read it, or listen to it, and give Cyndrarae and Riverbella some love

NB: It appears to me that my links are not showing as links, so if anyone has any idea what i am doing wrong, I would be grateful if they would pm me. Thanks

Fic Rec

May. 6th, 2010 08:39 pm
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I read an amazing story today (well started last night actually) and I wanted to pimp it as its awesome. But lets start at the beginning………

I was scrolling through the Big Bang 2010 summaries yesterday, ALL 301 OF THEM, (and what a wonderful year we are going to have) and spotted prompt 96, which is a sequel to Queensguard by Aramuim, http://aramuin.livejournal.com/323074.html now if you haven’t read that then you should, another mind blowing J2 story, full of dragons and aliens and Supernatural, it could be AU because of the dragons and aliens but it is set around the filming of Supernatural so make your own choice, but  please go and read it.

Or if you prefer listening to your stories its been recorded as a pod fic by Fay Jay, and you can find that here http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/search/node/QUEENSGUARD

I can’t recommend Queensguard highly enough, its unputdownable (is that even a word?)

Anyway back to my other awesome fic rec, yes the sequel to Queensguard has been claimed for art by naisica http://naisica.livejournal.com/tag/my%20art

I was curious what her art was like, so popped over to her LJ and found that a) her art is wonderful, and b) she did art for a 2009 Big Bang Story doodle’s

A Devil to Help Me Get Things Right http://doodle-writes.livejournal.com/23394.html

This is awesome, again unputdownable, I am just about to start the epilogue and considering its 72000 words and I only started reading it last night, AND I have been to work today, that’s pretty fast reading. Basically Jensen and Jared grew up together, fell in love and went off to collage. The story starts when Jensen is 30, he wakes up in hospital with amnesia he doesn’t remember the last 10 years of his life. He and Jared broke up and he doesn’t know why, and the more he finds out about the person he became, the more he doesn’t like himself. Can he find out what happened and move on from Jared, or can he get him back, now Jared is engaged, only reading the story will tell you.

I adore it and can’t rate it highly enough. It’s a story of redemption and change, go and read it and give doodle some love…………..

Oh and the 2010 Big Bang Summaries are here http://community.livejournal.com/spn_j2_bigbang/133869.html








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In case anyone’s interested I got this email from Dreamspinner this morning

Until midnight Sunday night, Dreamspinner Press is offering a 20% discount on all purchases through our website.


This includes books 'coming shortly' which include Mickie B's sequel to Impacted 'Bonds of Love' which she discusses here, on her journal


Hopefully Mickie won't be talking a 20% cut on her proceeds! (sorry Mickie but I bought my copy....)

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I don't normally post about myself, as my life is pretty boring.


I live in the UK, work full time, for a bank, in a job I sort of fell into, not one I picked, married, no kids, pretty normal hum drum stuff

But today I feel different, disconnected almost, looking around me and seeing nothing behind, and nothing going forward, the reason is my mum, she died in 1986, at the age of 47 years and 7 days.


Today I am 47 years and 7 days old.


Not only have I lived more of my life without her, I am now the same age she was when she died.

I think what would anyone say about me if I died today?

Not healthy I know, but I can't quite decide if I want to cry, scream, or throw something, its really affected me and I can't shake it.

I dislike my job intensely; it’s all so pointless. I am nothing more than a number, but with hubby being made redundant in three months I can't leave. I go to work on auto pilot, listening to audio fics, (something I can't that the SPN fandom pod fic readers enough for, they literally keep me going). I need to not be able to think, it I let my thoughts take control who knows where I would end up!

Tonight hubby is cooking dinner, I plan to bury myself in front of the telly watching the Vampire Diaries and just not think how pointless this life is.

Anyone reading this feel free to pass by without commenting, it just helped to write it down.


I might post more in future, it might be cathartic, so if anyone feels my maudlin thoughts might depress them just de-friend me I won’t be offended.

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I offered to take part in the recent Podfic Critical Feedback Exchange and this is my review.

It’s the first time I have ever reviewed a Podfic of this size and complexity and found it really difficult; hopefully my review will make sense to everyone, apologies if it doesn't


Podfic Critical Feedback Review of ‘Of Dice and Jensen’ read by Diurnal lee, author Epeeblade




Presentation and general reading/flow etc

Diurnal lee’s reading style, speed and presentation, are very good and she is very well spoken, however I did find her tone a little bit too precise and clipped at the beginning of the story, but as she got further into it she relaxed and her tone softened and it sounded  much better. 


There are 16 characters in this story, and although I could tell she was trying to change tone for certain characters, again this got better as the story progressed, but in the end there were just too many for it to work very well.


Story Suitability      

I found this story very confusing; and difficult to follow, it’s a colleague AU about a group of friends in a LARP, which stands for Live Action Role Playing. Each person in the story was playing themselves and another character, for example Jared was also playing Sam, and Jensen was also playing Dean, so in the end they all blended together and it became too confusing. It was like trying to listen to two separate stories that weaved between each other.


I had a look at the author’s livejournal; she has produced some great documentation to go with this story, a character listing and a glossary of terms. I think a warning that perhaps someone new to the story should view these pages before listening, would have been a good idea, or maybe a brief summary/explanation, at the beginning, just something setting the scene.


I am intrigued enough to want to go and read the story now, but this is probably a pod fic that would have been easier to listen to if the listener was already familiar with the story.




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Does anyone access Livejournal using an IPhone?

I want to get one to surf the net on my way to work, I commute and its a hour door to door, each way, and during my lunchbreak, and of course, I want to access my friends page and maybe read some of the shorter one shots etc.

I had a quick look on a friends today, and yes its small but I could zoom in, and turn it on its side, that made the page a bit bigger, it didn't look too awkward. I just wondered what other people thought.

Did you get one and regret it, or wouldn't you be without it?

Any comments would be very much appreciated,  as its not exactly a cheap purchase.

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I read an amazing story last night, and I wanted to recommend it as it appears to have been missed, judging by the lack of comments.

Its Let Me Love You by Allienat

You can find it here http://alienat.livejournal.com/15068.html?view=21212#t21212

Its  a post Supernatural J2 story, the summary is: When season 5 wraps life couldn’t be better for Jared and Jensen. They’re in love, have major projects lined up and bought a house in LA. Everything is perfect until one second destroys everything they ever wanted. How do you fix something that can’t be fixed

Its a major angst trip, and quite long at just over 46000 words, the writing is perfect, the sequence of events and Jared and Jensen's emotions couldn't have been written better, its a real tear jerker but don't let that put you off as we do get the obligatory happy ending.

Just go and read it and leave Allienat some great feedback, it’s her first J2 story (which makes it even more amazing) and I want her to write more

In Memory

Jan. 11th, 2010 07:24 pm
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer, and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it!

Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.

My mum
- died 24 years ago at the age of 47, I have now been alive longer without her, than with her. I still remember putting her hair in rollers, and brushing it through.

My dad - died 5 years ago, he fought with all he had, but it wasn't enough. I can still hear your voice.

I miss you both each day, and know we will meet again

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Does anyone know when they will make a decision if we will get a Season 6 of Supernatural?
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I am currently sitting at home recovering from a steroid injection I had earlier for Tennis Elbow, not the most serious of illness I will admit, but god it hurts like a bitch.........I can't do anything, can barely move my arm (and its my right one) even reading doesn't take my mind of the pain, and you have no idea how long it took to type this post.

Anyone got any ideas how I can get through the rest of the day? My doctor says it might be a bit better tomorrow.

Oh and my boss was very surprised when I said I couldn't work the rest of the day (I type all day) as he thought steroid injections immediately took all the pain away.............I really need strength sometimes

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I don't often do this but I just have to shout from the rooftops how wonderful and amazing fleshflutters 'Spy Verse' is. (also know as Someone You Might Have Been)

I started reading it this weekend and could stop, it had me gripped so completely........ it is amazing. It even had me so upset near the end I could barely read through the tears. It is without a doubt my favorite J2 AU ever, I will be reading it over and over again

If you haven't read it you must go and take a look...........right now............if you have read it, go read it again

It even has a video trailer (which is equally amazing) and a great fan mix. If you love James Bond and Supernatural you will never find a better story.

Story - chapter 1 - http://fleshflutter.livejournal.com/49137.html#cutid1

PDF link to story (after all it is 39 chapters)  - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L0J3ZDMZ

Video trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL0rZfJSNTU

Soundtrack - http://fleshflutter.livejournal.com/96338.html#cutid2
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I have just upgraded to a paid account thanks to the generosity of aschicca, http://aschicca.livejournal.com/191510.html she sent me a $10 coupon which is half the yearly cost. 

I have been thinking about upgrading for ages, If for no other reason than to be able to edit my posts! I type way too fast and transpose letters all over the place, it can be quite embarrasing rereading some of my comment posts!

Thanks again aschicca and have a very merry christmas.
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This was my garden at 8am this morning. We usually only get one day of snow a year, if we are lucky (I live in England) and we haven't had this amount of snow fall for years. I love how it makes the landscape so tranquil and pretty. I just had to share it with you.
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