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I wanted to introduce myself. To be honest I only opened a journal so I could provide feedback to the authors of all the wonderful QAF fics I have read. I love you all. You make me smile, laugh, gasp with horror, amazment and cry, yes cry, some of the fics I have read have had me bawling my eyes out, I shouldn't read death fics but I get drawn to them........

I only discovered QAF in August of this year, and it is thanks to  the wonderful Eclaire and her Stargate Atlantis vid Thanks for the Memories that I even found out about QAF. Eclaire incorporated some of the more 'interesting scenes' into her Mcshep vid, and they caught my interest , so I went a hunting and found the fantastic QAF. The rest is history as they say. 5 seasons and 100's of stories later I am hooked.

I first found Bjfic and Across the Pond, then Midnight Whispers and Queer Eyes, this last one lead me first to Livejournal and then Insanejournal, and all the amazing journals by people such as Doppleganger, Crazyevildru, Ethan, Triciaqaf, besame-bj, Vamphile and Xie Xie Xie, to name just a few.

I have read 100's of amazing stories and I am starting to leave feedback, I didn't for ages as I felt too shy, but then I decided to bite the bullet and open a livejournal account and start leaving feedback. I doubt if I will post much on here, but I promise to leave as much feedback around the other sites as I can.

I also have a Insanejournal home, which can be found here

Outside of QAF I am married, work full time, make my own cards and scrapbook. I do have a blog for my cardmaking, not as updated as much as it should be but if anyone cares to take a look her it is


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