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The Supernatural S4 Complete DVD box set was released in the UK on Monday, finally.  However a problem was identified where the discs are incorrectly numbered, and the special features are missing.

I just came off the phone with a lady called Karen Curran, a CS Team leader from Warner Home Entertainment, they admit the problem is theirs, they pressed the wrong discs. What they want is for everyone who has a set without special features to return the set to them, and they will replace it with a correct set. This saves returning it to the retalier for a refund and then waiting to reorder when new stock arrives.

Send the DVD's to

Warner Home Entertainment


Rabans Lane


HP19 8TS

They need a covering letter with your name and address. If anyone wants to ring them to confirm anything the number is 0207 984 6480.

There is a thread running on the community Dean-Sam here and I have posted this on there, but I wanted to pass this message onto as many people as possible.

I just had a pm from Letsgetstarted, she phoned WB Home Entertainment and they said it does also affect the 2 part sets, so anyone with those ring them and see if you can get them replaced.



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 I don't post very often on my journal, tbh I only set one up so I could leave feedback for all the wonderful stories I read every day, but with what happened this week to Besame, and with a few other writers who are defriending at the moment I thought it might be a good idea to do a new post…its just my life is pretty boring .

 Anyway a little bit about me…………I live in the UK, work in London for a major bank, and I am married. I spend hours each day traveling to and from work, and that is when I read. I have a netbook that I use on the train, a Sony NC10 that I love.

 I read QAF, Supernatural and Stargate Atlantis, and have dabbled a little bit in NCIS. I also listen to audiofic on my IPOD. Audiofic doesn’t really exist in QAF, but it does in Supernatural.

 I understand that everyone culls flists every now and again, I don’t have any issues with anyone defriending me, I belong to most of the major comms so I shouldn’t miss much new fiction, but it’s the loss of access to the older fiction that bothers me, but its always that way that when anyone (and thinking of Besame in particular) suffers violation of any kind it usually ends up with innocents suffering.

 Anyway I won’t take culling personally, if anyone does cull me, I am just grateful for each day I can continue to read fanfiction.


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I have just started to watch Supernatural and I think its fantastic, I can't understand how I missed it for so long........anyway I started where every fan starts, on You Tube, and I found this gorgeous video but I just have one question, can any SPN fan out there tell me what episode the scene which startes at 1.45 is from.
Sam is tied up (i think) with what looks like a hood over his head when Dean finds him and takes the hood off. I just can''t place the episode, and I have been through all 4 seasons already (all be it very quickly, as I needed to catch up fast, as the fan fic doesn't make any sense yet lol)

Any help from anyone, even to narrow down the season, would be a great help, it looks early on to me, but as I said I just can't find it.

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I don't normally post but I feel the need tonight.

Hubbys gone away for the weekend (I really don't mind), and one of the advantages of this is I can watch what I want on the TV without any questions or comments, so my choices are season 2 Supernatural (I've just seen episode 1) or carrying on with my rerun of QAF, but here’s the kicker I can't watch Supernatural this late (its past 10pm in the UK) as I will just get nightmares as I'm sleeping on my own and my rerun of QAF is up to 506.

QAF season 5 is like watching a train wreck........................I refuse to skip any episodes but it’s just so painful to watch, anybody got any tips on how to get through the rest of Season 5? Or is Supernatural season 2 not as scary as season 1? I love the show but I have a very vivid imagination and don’t like horror movies. I have only just started watching Supernatural; I do like it but tend to keep a cushion handy to hide behind.

Oh and I have got problems at work, but not been there for two weeks so I have no idea what I am going back to on Monday so trying not to worry about that as well.  


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As you all know I rarely post (this is only my third post!), as tbh I only set up a LJ so I could leave feedback and my life is so uninteresting that I couldn't imagine sharing it with any of you, however (and please carry on reading even if you think you have seen enough pimps for it already) I have just registered with a new QAF site and wanted to share it with you, it is

This is primarily a message board for QAF, something I didn't think existed before this site was created (apologies for any sites out there that may exist that I have missed).  I am a crafter as well and am very familier with message boards and am so looking forward to finally being able to discuss the show, characters and fics I have read. The wonderful thing about libertyavenue is it covers all ships, so hopefully we will get a balanced view of the entire fandom.

I am really excited about the potential of this site and hope you will all pop over and take a look, what have you got to lose?

Come join us at

See you on the threads.

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Hi – it’s a bit late to wish everyone a Happy New Year but better late than never.

I’ve had a bit of a cold these last few weeks, nothing major but enough to leave me snuggling under the duvet with my trusty laptop to keep me company and the warmth of the QAF fics to feed my soul, in between work of course.

 The quality of the fics I am currently reading is outstanding and since I discovered Get It Here I am working my way through the memories. I am now in a routine, I check the B/J community, Midnight Whispers and Get it Here daily, with a check of BJFIC, ATP, Retread, and the QAF-fiction weekly, If anyone can recommend any more sites with regular new stories then please let me know. It will take me years to work through what’s out there but I crave new stories like coffee and chocolate (my big weaknesses) lol. It amazes me that a series so long over can still command such attention but I am grateful for it every single day.

Thank you to every writer out there who still feels inspired enough to write and for every writer who has ever written anything.

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I wanted to introduce myself. To be honest I only opened a journal so I could provide feedback to the authors of all the wonderful QAF fics I have read. I love you all. You make me smile, laugh, gasp with horror, amazment and cry, yes cry, some of the fics I have read have had me bawling my eyes out, I shouldn't read death fics but I get drawn to them........

I only discovered QAF in August of this year, and it is thanks to  the wonderful Eclaire and her Stargate Atlantis vid Thanks for the Memories that I even found out about QAF. Eclaire incorporated some of the more 'interesting scenes' into her Mcshep vid, and they caught my interest , so I went a hunting and found the fantastic QAF. The rest is history as they say. 5 seasons and 100's of stories later I am hooked.

I first found Bjfic and Across the Pond, then Midnight Whispers and Queer Eyes, this last one lead me first to Livejournal and then Insanejournal, and all the amazing journals by people such as Doppleganger, Crazyevildru, Ethan, Triciaqaf, besame-bj, Vamphile and Xie Xie Xie, to name just a few.

I have read 100's of amazing stories and I am starting to leave feedback, I didn't for ages as I felt too shy, but then I decided to bite the bullet and open a livejournal account and start leaving feedback. I doubt if I will post much on here, but I promise to leave as much feedback around the other sites as I can.

I also have a Insanejournal home, which can be found here

Outside of QAF I am married, work full time, make my own cards and scrapbook. I do have a blog for my cardmaking, not as updated as much as it should be but if anyone cares to take a look her it is


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